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Ludum Dare 41 !!!

Hey Hey Hello!

I'm kidding. Today I will talk about my sound design in our Ludum Dare 41 game called "Trishoot".

Here's the link to Trishoot :  (just download and play :) ) 

                                                      (this is the shoot of the gameplay)

The concept of this game came from game designer - Kornel - who shot an idea "Let's compare match-3 with shooter). Oh I just forgot to mention : theme of LD41 was "Combine 2 incompatible genres". So whole team loved the Kornel's idea, and we started prototyping. When I heard this concept, I immediately looking for the best audio solution of this game. Lucky (or unlucky xD) for me was fact, that we haven't any graphic artists, so (I did some sketches when I was young xD) I decided to make a graphics too. That was a really good option for me and audio, because I was the creator of whole world, not only as sound designer, but also an art artist (art... big word :D )

                                                        (me @ composing main theme of Trishoot)

 I thought that funny, cartoon style will be perfect for 72 hours game. I also decided to make characters only with paper and black lineart. So that the art style was born :D. I really love unconventional indie games, like samorost, chuchel, or funny series of Rayman. So I shoot to my teammates : "our characters will talk to us! With their languages". Me and my girlfriend recorded some funny voices of "blablabla" "pimpom" and others, I also pitched it a bit, equalize and voila! We've got a nice cartoonish voice acting! 

Main character is moving on a paper-like arena and wields big shotgun. Shotgun has got two actions: shooting and reloading. Shooting sound is made with wooden-gun-toy sound:

and a hit sound. Reloadin is a standard reloading for every half-automatic shotguns (ka-tching!)

Walking sound of main character is made from sunflower seed that hits cardboard :

Popping sound is made from my mouth :D You have to close your lips as strong as you can and try to blow air on it. (I know it sounds riddiculus :D )

I decided to make a video where I explain more the process of creating soundtrack and sound design of Trishoot, so stay tune! And play a games!


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