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About music... SoS music chart 01 !!!1!oneone!!

Hi guys!
March was a really busy month for me... so I didn't have much time to post here. April started a little bit (slightly :D ) lighter so my first thought was "hey Chris! move your ass and post on your blog you little bastard!".

I know - Speed of Sound is about sound design in games, movies, media, but I think, good sound designers are also music lovers. So I decided to make a top 5 of my favourite (mostly played) music tracks for each month. I love my music folders, my music "routine" but I'm also open for a new music, so guys don't be surprised when you will see the same tracks few months in a row :D
Let's start:

No5 - Deadmau5 - Cat Thruster - I love Deadmau5 catchy, hypnotizing beats with analogue feeling. Cat Thruster starts with lovely lovely bassline. It reminds me the best 70s funky basslines. Really good mixed with kickdrum attacks listener with good energetic vibe.

No4 - Lights & Motion - Pandora - Post rock is new for me. And I fell in love with this music genre.  Pandora is beautiful, energetic, catchy... When I listen to this track I flew away... So nighty music. Great distorted guitars, massive fast-played drums (I'm a drummer by the way!). Totally recomended full album : Dear Avalanche.

No3 - The Last Shadow Puppets - Standing next to me - I'm a retro music fan. I love 70s, 80s music so much. So I was really surprised when I discovered TLSP - a new modern band formed with leaders of Arctic Monkeys and The Rascals. They sounds tremendous!! I love the vocal harmony - just like the Beatles, but music - pure classic rock energy filled with beautiful orchestral arrangement scored by London Metropolitan Orchesta. 

No2 - The 1975 - Haunt - When I decided to be a part of an experimental electronic album as a composer, I started looking for an inspiration. My first choice was one of my favourite bands: The 1975. This young, british group is creating pop/indie rock music, but trust me: it's not what you hear in radio. Their tracks are filled with deep emotions, lyrics are so heavy, the music is really deep, nighty, climatic. Haunt is so electronic, without guitars, filled with atmospheric pads, synths. Great climat!
No1 - Widek - Blue Moon - (drumroll!!!)  And here is the winner! Tremendously talented polish guitar player and composer. When I heard his album (great if you want my opinion) Hidden Dimensions (You can grab it here),  I loved this track so much. I didn't knew this kind of metal music. I grew up on a classic metal bands like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden etc. so Widek surprised me at first shot. His plucked part of guitars with deep, big reverb reminds me summer, full of stars night. Tremolo part on chorus kills me... I love his reverb - so deep, so climatic. Drums are really good mixed (Widek knows how to tune a snaredrum). Stel Andre plays an awesome solo at the end of track. It highlighted the climat of whole track. Good job Widek! 

See you guys on my next posts! Take care of yourself and try to not hurt your ears. Remember - your ears are your weapon! :)


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