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Wyświetlanie postów z luty, 2018

Speed of Sound : Sound Design for Beginners EP.05 - Skeleton Sounds Recording Session

Hi guys! Blogger's life isn't easy... Tons of works to do, really short week. But I do it for You guys! Another Episode is ready! This video shows you, how to record in home LEGO bricks (xD), how to sound acts like a castrated skeleton and of course my boring talk. I think maybe in the EP.06 I will explain how to make a real skeleton sounds based from this recordings... dunno.  But now here it is! Tadam!!! Enjoy!!

Speed of Sound Ep.04 - Jungle Ambiences

HI guys! Time is a really fast train... One month ago I started my blog and YouTube journey. And now? My English is still sharp as rock, I don't have any groupies (sad but true... guys think twice about being sound designer... when it's come about groupies... it's better to be hm... even a gardener) and I'm filled with motivation! Today we will talk about another type of ambience : Jungle type. The core of any ambience sfxes is really nice flexibility. The ambiences needs to loop. I see one standard type of looping type of sound. This perfect one has got : intro, looping core and outro. In my video I focused on Core Loop part - it's build, layers.  It's really important to focus on sample purity (cleanliness?) - In simple ambiences (1-2 layers) your ear can catch any detail and this can ruin immersion in game. Imagine when you read names of your gear in equipment and suddenly you hear duck... in a north pole... Oh! By the way.. ducks! CATCH MY

Speed of Sound Ep.03 - Enviroment Ambiences

Hi guys! <- I should sign this quote :D Episode 03 is online, so... few things came to me. First: I am truly happy about You guys! (I spot views on blog and Youtube channel, and woah! ) I know I know I know... maybe someone'll say : Chris please stop: Your videos are useless, I can't see anything on the video, and you're annoing as f$#@! But I trully fell in love with this blog :) I really like recording for you, searching this funny photos and showing my audio editing skills. I want to show you my recording place, where I'm preparing sfxes for games, composing scores and playing games (ahh my sh$#ty skills in Fortnite... priceless) (photos by my loved Sylwia ) Ok... GUYS!! (I love it!) See you soon!

Speed of Sound Episode 2 - Monster's Stomp!

Hey Hey hello! Fast as light and happy as hell (I don't know exactly if the hell is happy but who cares) bringing You Episode 2 in our journey into sound design tricks! :) Today I will talk about monster's stomps. I'm gonna show You my way to create stomps/footsteps etc. I will work on one case so prepare your ears :) It will be fun! It's my second video so REALLY sorry about some mistakes. Video editing freaks me out but everything fot YOU :) So... BADABOOOM!!!!

"About Sound"- talking (01) - Why do You need good SFXes?

Sound Design is not a brainless work. It is obvious. When I hear or read quotes like: "Sound Design is an art! You have to be creative as!" or "Try to find uncommon ways to record/edit/create sound samples!!", I have to say - DO NOT OVERDO! Of course I truly agree with this "Sound Design is an art", but sometimes don't make your work more difficult only to be more creative or uncommon. If you have to record for example stone throw sound, just throw a stone and record it! Do not be "unique" for every prize. Some effects are just meh... effects. Do not record stone throwing, by recording jet aeroplane on Zone 51 at midnight in swimsuit and pinata over your head. Remeber : the simplier, the better. Ok but I have to back to the main road of this post: Why do You need good SFXes? The answer is obvious: good sound effects increase a quality of a product (game, movie etc.) But I know you will aske me "Hey Chris, but tell me when the