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"About Sound"- talking (01) - Why do You need good SFXes?

Sound Design is not a brainless work. It is obvious. When I hear or read quotes like: "Sound Design is an art! You have to be creative as!" or "Try to find uncommon ways to record/edit/create sound samples!!", I have to say - DO NOT OVERDO!
Of course I truly agree with this "Sound Design is an art", but sometimes don't make your work more difficult only to be more creative or uncommon. If you have to record for example stone throw sound, just throw a stone and record it! Do not be "unique" for every prize. Some effects are just meh... effects. Do not record stone throwing, by recording jet aeroplane on Zone 51 at midnight in swimsuit and pinata over your head. Remeber : the simplier, the better. Ok but I have to back to the main road of this post: Why do You need good SFXes?

The answer is obvious: good sound effects increase a quality of a product (game, movie etc.)

But I know you will aske me "Hey Chris, but tell me when the effect is good?"
Good SFX need to fills few points:
- The best sound quality (audio format, clean, not overamplified. without clipping, enough loud)
- Flexible as it can be (for example you can use sneaker_stomp as a sound of shoe, and later use it as a layer of another crazy sound like dead_body_fall)
- SFX must match with others in the same project (you know, different samples of hmm... human's breathing[I mean different persons... ehh teaching is difficult :P ] added to one character will break an immersion and will turn sound design into parody)

Of course some types of sounds are really hard to record/create without undesirable mistakes or clutches, but try to set your material as good as you can - it will help you in the future projects. And it will save tons of your time :)

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