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Tsugi GameSynth - Perfect tool that can replace human?

Hi Guys!

I fought with  myself about this decision, but yeah... tomorrow there won't be new episode of SoS... It's really hard for me to do this, but I really want to create material with the highest quality content inside of my videos. Now I'm just empty with ideas for next video. I need to rework my creating system, maybe I will make a live streams? And then post this videos on Youtube and Facebook? I hope that you will understand...

But now I'm so happy to announce new type of posts on my blog: Sound Design Deals!
Sound Design is not only recording and creating. Good sound designer has to use software as good as it possible. But software is expensive as hell (I know something of it, because I live in Poland... Prices are 3-4 times bigger than rest of the world :(  ) . So I decided to put in one place most interesting offers for a one or two weeks. You will find there Kontakt libraries, standalone plugins, and many more!

For the first shot I will talk about new really interesting software called Tsugi -GameSynth.

 It's a sound design tool that can create in a seconds interesting whooshy, impact, contact kind of sounds. Now I'm gonna try to be a beta tester of this program, so I don't have enough knowledge of how-to and what this program can do. But in the trailer video (link below) you will hear some cool tricks. This software can simulate different surfaces, you can draw a line and algorythm will put a sound on it. Sounds brilliant? Maybe... but please step a bit skeptically to this software. Maybe this algorythms can simulate surfaces and other tricks, but I need to hear it on my own ears. :) Catch the link:

You see? Quite good plugin! It's something like a DAW with build in equalizers, vocoders and other mixing plugins. I fell in love with this visual drawing pad, where you can draw a line, and GameSynth can reproduce this line into the sound sample. Really cool. Especially when you're working with static animations, where you have to sync your audio to character's movement. Now you can just draw an attack or axe chop, and voila! :D cool thing.

Other advantage of GameSynth is an interface. It's really nice, reminds me Izotope plugins (colours pallete) and my lovely FL Studio (equalizers, vocoders). Every option is clearly described (I'm still base of this Youtube video,  but who knows, maybe Tsugi will trust me and give me an access to beta).

But what I heard in this video and it's the most disappointing is the sound of build in samples. They sound cheap and plastic. Tsugi told me (I chat with them few monts ago) GameSynth can import your own samples, but I'm curious how this program can simulate different surfaces, how my samples will work under Tsugi's mixing plugins and finally if my samples will be useful after GameSynth :).

But guys! If you want to buy this plugin, go ahead! 

with this code "GSLaunch" on the coupon in the store until March 23rd you will get a 25% discount (290$ instead of 390$) 

I hope I will give you more info about this interesting plugin soon! 
See You soon my friends!


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